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Mariano Saulino and his wife, Photographer/ Producer Silvina Slatopolsky, on the red carpet at the HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWARDS.

Live Concert: Real Filharmonia De Galicia Orchestra, performing Mariano's Score

for TV Series on NETFLIX

Mariano Saulino Real Filharmonia de Galicia

At the Auditorio De Galicia, Spain.

 At THE HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWARDS  Mariano's acceptance speech receiving the award for Best Score at the ceremony celebrated at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Mariano Saulino

At the Los Angeles Film Awards, 

Hollywood, CA.

Mariano Saulino

On The red carpet at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Hollywood, CA.

Mariano Saulino

At his writing room

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